The SunOven

Baking chicken and vegetables in the SunOvenI love my SunOven. I mostly use my SunOven for baking bread, but I also use it to cook other types of foods. Anything you can cook in an oven can be cooked in a SunOven. I’ve even preheated a black iron skillet in the SunOven and then used it to fry eggs. The eggs went in sunny-side-up and came out poached.

I love the bread I bake in the SunOven. It is always soft and tasty. My friends all love it, too, which means it goes pretty fast, if I have guests.

My primary reason for buying the SunOven was to avoid using the oven in the house in the hot summer months. I saw an immediate drop in my electric bill when I switched to baking in the SunOven. In the summer months, it saves me 10-20 dollars a month.

baking bread in a SunOvenThe SunOven itself is pretty well made, although mine is in need of repair, since we had a flood and it was left sitting in 8 inches of water. It wouldn’t be that difficult to build a solar heated oven yourself. I might build my next oven. The concept is simple.

What’s amazing about the SunOven is how hot it gets, even on a cool, winter day. I’ve cooked in it on the 1st day of winter, when the sun was at it’s lowest point. It actually gets hotter on some winter days when the sky is really clear than it does on hazy summer days. The hottest I’ve seen it get is 375 degrees. You can count on at least 300 degrees on any day with sunshine. If the oven is hovering around 300 degrees, I let my bread bake for about 50 minutes. It’s hard to overcook things in the SunOven, because it doesn’t dry food out like a conventional oven. It’s a pretty good deal.


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