I am a supporting member of

My favorite photographer and good friend.

The Alt-E Store is a great resource for alternate energy products and information.

Be sure to check out Green Onslow. They’re trying to make a difference by educating people in sustainable living practices that anyone can afford.

I’ve gotten a lot of installation help and some of my gear from Starfire Solar. If you’re in eastern North Carolina, Mike is a great resource for solar thermal projects. He builds his own water heating and air heating solar panels.


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    • You can deny climate change all you want; that won’t stop it from happening. It’s so easy to make fun of science when you’re not encumbered by the facts. Most of the claims made 20 years ago proved to be conservative, rather than exaggerated. Those facts are available to anyone who wants to look. I will be very happy if I’m wrong, but the real science leads me to believe that it’s worth doing what I can to prepare. I lead by example. I’m not forcing anyone to follow. Also, I’ve taken $0 in government subsidies. I do what I do because I believe in being energy independent and reducing my impact on the planet. I don’t see how that can be a bad thing.

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