The Uwharrie River

Uwharrie 2013I have a rule, not to use fossil fuels for recreation. I allow myself to drive the 1.5 miles to where I launch my kayak on my local creek, but only because I can’t think of a safe, practical alternative.

So, it was a really big deal for me to take a canoe/camping trip on the Uwharrie river, which is about 200 miles away. I didn’t just bend my rule, I shattered it. I suppose most people wouldn’t see it as any big deal. My car gets about 32 MPG. It may just be an obsession of mine. I work from home to avoid commuting, and I try to make only one trip into town each week.

In any case, the river was beautiful. My only regret was that I had to leave there so soon. I could have stayed a couple more days. I had a dear friend with me, which made the trip all that much more special. I don’t think she realizes how wonderful she is to me. When she is with me, everything is better. Sigh.

DJT_9443When we arrived at the national forest, we dropped off the boat and some equipment at our put-in, and we drove to our take-out and left the car there. We had to walk just over 3 miles back to the boat, carrying lots of heavy camera gear, because neither of us can go anywhere without our DSLRs and a selection of lenses. Of course, I only used one lens the entire trip!

Once we got on the water, it was all downhill. The weather was fairly cool, but it didn’t rain on us and the sun peeked through from time to time. The section of the Uwharrie that we paddled doesn’t really have rapids, so to speak. It has rock beds and ledges that can be a little challenging. Mostly, the river is just shallow and rocky. The water level was about perfect. We never had to get out and walk, and we only scraped over a few rocks.

We traveled about 5 miles by river. We were surrounded by beautiful scenery the entire time. There were forests of green, high rock walls, crazy looking sedimentary rock formations, and my friend even saw a bear. I love the sound of water, cascading over rocks. It’s a sound I could never grow tired of. I did a little wading in the river during our paddle, and I took a dip in Moccasin Creek before we left. Even in cool weather, I love to get in the water.

So, that’s my happy report for the month. There will be more doom-and-gloom next week, I’m sure!