This probably isn’t news to anyone who knows much about the Nordic countries, but Denmark was, once again, selected as the happiest country; or something like that.

What I found interesting was a sidebar about the economics of bicycling …

Researchers found that for every kilometer traveled by bike instead of by car, taxpayers saved 7.8 cents (DKK 0.45) in avoided air pollution, accidents, congestion, noise and wear and tear on infrastructure. Cyclists in Copenhagen cover an estimated 1.2 million kilometers each day –- saving the city a little over $34 million each year.

The entire article is here: Denmark is Considered the Happiest …

The comments on the article are also interesting. Many Americans don’t even consider the things that we could implement here, but rather they say Denmark only enjoys a high standard of living because the U.S. is proving security for the world. I wonder; does that mean we can’t bicycle more? Does it mean we shouldn’t strive for gender equality? Does it mean we can’t improve our education system or social programs? I think they’re kind of missing the point. Alas, brainwashing and pride are impediments to clear thinking.


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