After the March


Protesters at the entrance to Union Point Park in New Bern, NC (USA)

The march got off to a slow start, but more and more people arrived, once we got started. We didn’t really march. We found a busy intersection at the entrance to the park and we did our best to educate anyone who would listen. It was nice to hang out with others who are passionate about protecting the environment and the people who rely on it, from greedy corporations who would compromise our health and the health of our environment for increased profits.

Monsanto has been encouraging the heavy application of glyphosate with glyphosate resistant, genetically modified plants for years. More recently, they’ve been turning the plant itself into a pesticide (BT toxin), which may be devastating bee populations. Also, thanks to over application of glyphosate, glyphostate resistant weeds are becoming common, and Monsanto wants to bring back more toxic herbicides to control weeds! Check out this article on Mother Jones for some background on Monsanto’s resistant weed problem.

Monsanto was responsible for the super toxicity of Agent Orange, and they lied to the FDA about the likelihood of weeds becoming resistant to glyphosate. Now they are responsible for 70-80% of the seeds that farmers plant each year. Those three facts, alone, should give most people reason for concern. If you take the time to research genetically modified organisms, plants impregnated with BT toxins, glyphosate, and the decline in the honeybee,  the story takes on a sinister tone. Keep in mind, that Monsanto scientists feed their families organic foods, and the cafeteria where Monsanto’s employees eat serves organic food. They know what they’re selling, and they won’t eat it. Genetically modified (GM) foods are for the poor, uneducated masses. People who know better, and can afford it, eat organic. That’s why Monsanto has fought labeling of GM foods. I do everything I can to avoid GMOs when I shop for groceries, but it’s not easy.


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