A Competitive Regulatory Environment?

The hawks would have us believe that the EPA is driving all of our manufacturing jobs to other countries. They want to do away with the EPA and all environmental regulations. I would argue that the low cost of labor is probably a more significant forcing than EPA regulations, but for those who still think EPA regulations are unnecessary, you may be interested to hear that Beijing’s air pollution was 40 times the World Health Organization’s limit on January 13, 2013.  (ref: http://ecowatch.org/2013/china-coal-consumption/)

Here is what that looks like (photo linked from the cited article on EcoWatch) …

Is this really what you want for our children? Also, before you get feeling all smug about being an American and having clean air to breath, don’t forget that America is a huge importer of Chinese goods. If we hadn’t exported our dirty manufacturing to China, and our consumption of useless plastic crap was as high as it is, we’d have those low paying jobs and high polluting factories here on our soil, and we’d be breathing this smog. As long as we continue to thoughtlessly consume Chinese goods, we are partly responsible for the pollution. (The Story of Stuff)

On a related note: There have been recent discussions about the dangers to birds, posed by wind farms. If this photo is the result of burning coal to produce electricity, I can imagine this would make flying very hazardous; not to mention the damage to the bird’s respiratory and cardiovascular system.


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