Back to Doom and Gloom

It seems the anti-green people will go to great lengths to resist sustainable solutions; in this case, a wind farm. An offshore wind farm is being sited about 35 miles from me, not too far from Cherry Point Marine Corps Air Station. The opposition have recently decided that the wind farm might get in the way of military training exercises. They say there is a chance the air station may be closed in the future, due to limitations imposed on it by the proximity of the wind turbines.

First, let me say that the Federal Government (i.e. the Marine Corps) had veto authority on the siting of the wind farm, and they did not veto it. It is obviously not in their critical flight path. Next, I’d like to talk about the bigger picture. If you accept the best science available to us, today, if we don’t do something to drastically reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, we’re going to see more than a meter of sea level rise on our cost in the next 50 years. We’ve already had 8 inches of sea level rise, here on the North Carolina coast. A meter of sea level rise would be devastating to our coast and our coastal economy. Even the military bases would be impacted. It seems to me that the wind farms are, at least, symbolic of our attempt to prevent an ecological and economic disaster. That, in my opinion, trumps a perceived, potential threat of a base realignment that would result in the closure of the air station.

People probably get tired of hearing me say this, but if we’re going to head off an¬†apocalyptic climate disaster, we’re going to have to get serious. That means everyone has to do their part. Individuals, governments, and commercial entities must all find ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Many of us will have to make sacrifices. I have made sacrifices, and I expect to make more.

On the flip side, wind farms are hardly a sacrifice. The wind industry creates jobs and spurs economic growth. It helps us reach energy independence without polluting our precious environment. Wind farms even save millions of gallons of water. Developing better renewable energy technologies will help the U.S. remain competitive, and help us balance our trade deficit. If you’re against subsidizing industry, then stop subsidies to fossil fuel companies and balance the playing field. Also, make the fossil fuel companies pay to clean up the messes they create, and the health problems associated with their pollution.

The days of cheap energy are coming to an end. Investing in sustainable, clean technologies just makes sense to me.


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