I can see, again!

My distance vision has been degenerating for years. I tried to make an appointment before my driver’s license came up for renewal in the end of 2009, but the optometrist I called couldn’t get me in for 6 weeks, so I decided to take my chances on getting my license without corrective lenses. I just barely passed the vision test.

Fast forward to 2013 … I finally made an appointment at the Eye Care Center in Swansboro, North Carolina. I had my eye exam today. Dr. Cox and her staff were awesome! They were friendly and professional, and they answered all my questions. Dr. Cox was openly concerned for the safety of anyone on or near the streets of Swansboro. She made it clear that I shouldn’t be driving without corrective lenses. She also seemed genuinely concerned for my health and well being. Although I didn’t spend much time with her, I got the impression that Dr. Cox is very good at what she does. In addition to being knowledgeable and observant, she was patient and understanding. I should add that the entire staff was amazing. The entire experience, from the time I arrived until the time I walked out was pleasant and painless. The exam was thorough, and I am thrilled with my new glasses, which they made for me, on the spot.

When I put on my new glasses, I realized how bad my vision had become. It was like seeing the world through new eyes. My new glasses didn’t just bring things into focus, even the colors seemed more vibrant. My only regret is waiting so long to finally get glasses. The problem kind of sneaked up on me.

I know this probably sounds like an advertisement for the Eye Care Center in Swansboro. I can assure you that I’m not being paid to advertise for them, but I am a happy customer, and I am really excited about my new-found visual acuity. I could be in love with Dr. Cox, but that’s another matter. Given my focus on ecological problems and sustainable lifestyles, I don’t find a lot to get excited about. When I do get excited, it’s nice to write about it. I will soon return to my normal “doom and gloom” programming. We still have a lot to talk about.


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