In Honor of Becky Tarbotton

Some of you may already know that Rebecca Tarbotton died on December 26, 2012 in a swimming accident at the age of 39. She was an amazing activist. I’m still suspicious about her untimely death. She was an avid kayaker, and outdoorsperson. She was practically an unstoppable force of nature, and she was in perfect health. As the executive director of the Rainforest Action Network, I’m sure she made some very powerful enemies. That’s why I’m not ready to just accept the alleged circumstances of her death. You should google Rebecca Tarbotton, if you’re not familiar with her. There is a wealth of information about her on various news sites. Everyone seems to agree on the cause of death. It’s all a little hard to swallow, for me. How hard would it be to poison someone’s drink and pay off the coroner while they were on vacation in Mexico?

Here is a video, in case you have never heard Becky speak …


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